Poggio Antico | Tuscany

Poggio Antico Vineyards in Montalcino, Italy Poggio Antico is located in Montalcino, a small town in Tuscany about thirty miles south of Siena. The earliest written records of the estate date from the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the present boundaries were marked. At that time, the estate consisted of woodland, grassland, and three stone houses. The development of Poggio Antico started in the late 1970s, when electricity was brought in, vineyards were planted, and construction of the wine cellar began.

Located at an average altitude of approximately 450 metres above sea level, Poggio Antico is one of the highest altitude producers of Brunello. Working with painstaking attention to detail and very low yields, they produce great wines that are truly unique in their elegance and complexity.

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