Producteurs Plaimont | Saint Mont

Producteurs Plaimont Vineyards Saint Mont

The Producteurs Plaimont winery is based in the village of Saint-Mont in Gascony, south-west France. Gascony’s population and vineyard decline in the 20th century was reversed by André Dubosc, a local man determined to reinvigorate this once thriving wine-producing region. He brought together a group of like-minded winegrowers, founding Plaimont in 1979.

Their quality-focused approach melds respect for tradition and innovation: ancient grape varieties have been resurrected; old vineyards have been restored, new ones planted, and environmentally sustainable practices embraced, eschewing chemicals.

Modern winemaking techniques yield vivacious wines showcasing the delicious flavours and succulent acidities of Gascony’s characterful, local grapes.

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