Prunotto | Piemonte

The Prunotto Estate and Vineyards in Piemonte, Italy

Alfredo Prunotto founded his business in 1922 and was one of Piemonte's most dynamic exporters until his retirement in 1956. The company passed then to Prunotto's friend Beppe Colla, now a revered winemaker and one of the founding fathers of modern Piemonte. His defining moment was the decision in 1961 to bottle single vineyard (or Cru) wines from the finest sites - a practice that is now the norm in the region. Those wines were made from bought-in grapes, but in the 1990s the current owners (the Antinori's of Tuscany), extended the Prunotto holdings including plots in the outstanding Bric Turot and Bussia vineyards.

Today, the estate totals 50 hectares of vineyards in the best wine-producing areas of the Piemonte and has a wine-producing facility equipped with the most modern technology available, making Prunotto one of the most important winemaking estates in the Piedmont region.