Quinta Milú | Ribera del Duero

Quinta Milú Vineyards in Ribera del Duero

Quinta Milú is young winemaker Germán R. Blanco's tiny operation located in the small town of La Aguilera, in the province of Burgos. Named for Germán's baby son Lucas, whom they lovingly refer to as 'Mi Lu' or 'Milú' this is a true family business that aims to champion a fresher style of Tinto del Pais - the local name for Tempranillo. Eschewing modern winemaking techniques and international varieties Germán calls his project a 'micro-winery'. From old Tempranillo vines, he makes wines using revived traditions such as foot treading, wild yeast fermentation and maturation in a variety of different types and sizes of casks and barrels. These are unique, elegant and fruit forward wines that are rapidly gaining widespread recognition.