Raventós de Alella | Cataluña

Pansa Blanca Vines in the Alella DO of Catalunya

Located just 15km north of Barcelona, the tiny Catalan DO of Alella encompasses just 300 hectares. Urban spread and land prices has caused the wine-growing area to shrink by two-thirds since the 1950s, yet it still clings on and is today among the most highly rated sub-radar regions in Spain. First settled in Roman times, wine has been made here continuously for over two thousand years.

Raventós de Allea are something of a specialist and since their foundation in 1981, they have almost entirely focussed on cultivating the native Pansa Blanca grape, a local clone of Xarello. This grape is only found in this tiny corner of the Mediterranean where it flourishes in the poor sandstone soils to produce unique wines of real richness, depth and character.