Argentina | Salta

The Salta Wine Province of Northern Argentina

Salta is Argentina's northernmost vine growing area and home to some of the world's highest vineyard sites. The most outstanding wine region in the province is Cafayate, where more than 70 per cent of the vineyards are located in the Calchaquíes Valleys.

The vineyards of Cafayate start at an altitude of 4,900 feet above sea level and extend beyond altitudes of 6,500 feet with some reaching 10,210 feet high; making it the highest grape-growing region in the world.

Cafayate possesses a unique climate that is perfect for the production of wine. The vineyards are exposed to sunlight almost every day of the year and located over 1700 meters above sea level the region has sandy-loam soils made from thick grains with gravel and fine sands on the surface.

One of its most outstanding wines is Torrontés Riojano, a very fruity wine which is considered to be the finest expression of this province.