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The Bodegas Emilio Lustau Solera Sherry System

Understanding Sherry and its complexities is a bit of a minefield and can leave many bewildered by the various styles and types. But it is quite simple: Sherry is fortified wine. However, it’s fortified after the fermentation, so unlike Port, all Sherry begins its life as a dry wine.

Sherry is initially classified as one of two wines: Fino or Olosoro. A Fino is intended to be a light, crisp, delicate wine even at its usual alcohol level of 15% or more. The great Finos are aged in barrel underneath a yeast film called ‘flor’ (or ‘flower’) which protects the wine from oxygen, adding flavours and aromas as well.

Great Finos have the tangy aroma of the ‘flor’ with its distinct almond character and aromas similar to mushroom and sometimes cheese rind. The Finos aged in the bodegas of the coastal town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda take on even more of the aromas of the ocean and are given the distinct name of ‘Manzanilla’.

Finos that eventually lose their ‘flor’ will be topped up, fortified to a higher level of alcohol (around 18 percent), and allowed to age into something called amontillado. Amontillado’s contain echoes of the character of the Fino from which they grew, but pecans, honey, caramel, toffee, nuts, dried fruits, and many other aromas and flavours begin to take over.

The other great category of Sherry is Oloroso. These are usually made sweet, although a handful of them are left dry. The term Oloroso can be loosely translated into something powerfully aromatic, and the long barrel ageing required for great Oloroso certainly gives it aromas, which might include toffee, walnuts, prunes, cherries, orange rind, spices, chocolate, and myriad other delectable, dessert-like characteristics.

Sherry is also defined by its ‘solera’ process of ageing. Solera is a system of graduated blending whereby a portion of Sherry is drawn from an old barrel, which is subsequently filled from a barrel of younger Sherry. Barrels of younger and younger Sherries cascade downward so that old and new Sherries are gently and systematically blended together.


Sandeman Armada Superior Cream Sherry

A complex Rich Cream Oloroso, sweetened with PX for a deliciously lingering & smooth finish... Read More...

Sandeman Character Superior Medium Dry Sherry

A delicious off-dry sherry, sweetened with the addition of Pedro Ximénez... Read More...

Lustau Deluxe Cream Capataz Andrés Solera Familiar Sherry

Fresh and silky with wonderful balanced acidity...

Lustau Fino del Puerto Sherry

Pale straw in colour the Fino del Puerto is very dry, fresh, light & smooth... Read More...

Valdespino 'Deliciosa' Pago Miraflores Manzanilla Sherry

A very dry, crisp and fresh Manzanilla Sherry with a slightly saline finish... Read More...

Lustau East India Solera Rich Cream Sherry

A rich cream sherry of iconic status...

Lustau Los Arcos Dry Amontillado Sherry

Serve slightly chilled as an aperitif or perfect accompanying soups, asparagus & risottos... Read More...

Sandeman Don Fino Superior Fino Sherry

A classic Fino sherry, bone dry with notes of almonds, green olives and a tangy finish... Read More...

Lustau Pedro Ximénez San Emilio Solera Familiar Sherry

Enormously sweet, velvety and soft on the palate...

Valdespino 'Tio Diego' Pago de Marcharnudo Amontillado Sherry

A delicious, multiple-award winning, Amontillado sherry from the renown Valdespino stable... Read More...

Valdespino 'Inocente' Pago de Macharnudo Fino Sherry

Considering this finished Fino is ten years old, it is bursting with freshness and flavour... Read More...

Lustau Palo Cortado Península Solera Familiar Sherry

An exceptional sherry that brings together the finesse of Amontilado with the richness of an Oloroso... Read More...

Lustau Moscatel Emilín Solera Familiar

Smooth and rich on the palate this Moscatel is reminiscent of dried fruits and spices... Read More...