Sloemotion Distillery | Yorkshire

The Sloemotion Distillery Range of Products in a Line-Up

Founded in 2002, Sloemotion is an artisan spirits distillery based at Green Farm, in the village of Barton-le-Willows, just north of York and nearby to the market town of Malton, Yorkshire’s food capital.

Jonathan Curtoys (Joff) established the business with North Yorkshire farming neighbours back in 2002. Together, they had been proactive in returning tracts of the farm to wildlife habitats. Before long, large amounts of sloes (the fruit of the blackthorn) began to fruit in abundance. To Joff and his neighbours, who had all grown up drinking home-made Sloe Gin, an idea began to take shape and Sloemotion was born.

While their neighbours wanted to pursue other farming ideas, Joff decided to take on the embryonic business and has, with his brother Julian and the Sloemotion team, developed and expanded the business. Fourteen years on today they have created their three innovative brands; Sloemotion Liqueurs, Hedgerow Spirits and Finders Spirits.

The care that is taken with the hand-picked hedgerow botanicals, herbs & fruits that enhance their drinks is evident in every sip. At Green Farm they use traditional steeping and blending methods in their production of the liqueurs as well as distilling the spirits using their iStill. With its low costs, and most importantly its’ environmental efficiency, the iStill works effortlessly at Green Farm bringing their craft distilling into the 21st century.

The business believes that great taste combined with a strong aesthetic is what sets them apart from the rest. Each of their products, over the last 10 years has been honoured with Great Taste gold stars, their Damson gin won a World Gin Award and in 2016 the business received the Producer and Maker award at the White Rose Awards, run by Welcome to Yorkshire. In November 2018 a highlight for Sloemotion was their Hedgerow Gin with Rhubarb and Raspberry being named ‘Best Yorkshire Spirit’ in the Deliciously Yorkshire Produce awards.

The rural surroundings of fields, woodland and hedgerows around Green Farm are still the inspiration for development and growth of the business and are at the heart of every decision made. In line with their ‘Life on the Hedge’ motto, Sloemotion continue to innovate and inspire with their new creations.