Spirit of Hven Distillery | Sweden

Sunset on the Spirit of Hven Distillery in Sweeden

The Spirit of Hven Distillery is to be found on the Island of Hven located in the strait of Öresund between the shores of Denmark and Sweden. Founded in 2008, this family owned distillery started as one of the world’s smallest pot still distilleries with everything from mashing to fermentation, distillation and oak barrel storage and bottling under one roof. Today they export whiskey, vodka, gin and aquavit to over 40 countries.

In the distillery, everything is designed to the smallest detail. The team at Spirit of Hven work with long fermentation and several combinations of their own yeast strands to be able to produce the right aroma and taste in the finished distillate. A small format provides completely different conditions for extracting the maximum of aroma and taste.

Oak barrel storage is the single most important part in the production of barrel-aged spirits. Between forty and eighty percent of the final aroma and taste in the product comes from the oak barrel storage. The type of oak used, where it has grown and its terroir and also the manufacture of the dish, play a role in the taste, aroma and colour it imparts to the spirit. Therefore, Spirit of Hven put their soul into finding the right oak barrels from Europe and in the rest of the World.