Spirited Union Distillery | Netherlands

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The Spirited Union Distillery is an independent botanical rum distillery located in Amsterdam. Brought together by a shared belief that spirits and botanicals should be delicious and fresh, the Spirited Union Distillery have made it their mission to unite these two together and create a colourful and refreshing new world for Rum; Botanical Rum. Recognising that making a delicious drink is a bit like cooking - combining textures and tastes to create something exciting and memorable - Spirited Union work with fresh botanicals to produce real flavour.

Sourcing single-origin rums and botanicals from the best regions in the World they have created a union between the complex flavours of spirits and botanicals to produce new world rums that are bold, balanced and unapologetically fresh in taste. Taking a hands-on approach to creating their spirits, each and every bottle is made by hand in the Spirited Union Distillery in Amsterdam.