Tardieu-Laurent | The Rhône Valley

Rhône Valley Vineyards in France

Tardieu-Laurent was established in 1996 by two friends, famed Burgundy négociant Dominique Laurent and Michel Tardieu, a dynamic young winemaker. Since 2008 the Tardieu family have taken full ownership of the business, with eldest son and oenologist Bastien now working alongside his father Michel Tardieu.

Tardieu-Laurent is an extremely unusual operation in that they are a négociant-éleveur only. They own no vineyards and do not buy grapes, instead they only buy young wines in their raw fermented state, selected according to the quality of the vineyard. The family then look after the maturation process, (the wines are all aged in small oak casks, often 100% new) blending and bottling. They can be regarded as an “artisan” producer, making only a very few barrels of any single wine, allowing for each wine to be raised with the utmost of care and attention. None of the wines are fined and only a few have a very light filtration.

Their guiding principles have always been the same and top quality ingredients are absolutely essential. To that end, their aim is always to use the oldest vines from the best parcels in the Rhône, work with organic and biodynamic farmers, and establish long-term relationships with the growers they work with. Throughout the years they have earned a reputation that allows them to procure the finest barrels from the cellars of some of the great domaines of the Rhòne valley. Father and son know not only the vineyards by heart but also specific parcels which are of interest to them.

These are world-class wines that thoroughly deserve their international acclaim.