TEMPOS Vega Sicilia

When Vega Sicilia became part of the Álvarez family's life in 1982, the foundations were laid for TEMPOS Vega Sicilia. It has constantly and steadily grown since then, involving the introduction of wines produced in different wine-making areas, reaching out to new consumers around the world and laying the foundations for a promising and highly successful future. 

In 1991 the Álvarez family created Álion, a modern and up-to-date wine, quite unlike the classicism of Vega Sicilia. Produced in the same denomination of origin and just 15km from the Vega Sicilia brands, it marked a turning point in the production of wine from Ribera del Duero. In 1993, just three years after the fall of communism in Hungary, Tokaji-Oremus was founded and marked the first foray outside of Spain for the Álvarez family. Respect for the history and tradition of one of the greatest wines in the world is combined with the modernisation and technological updates introduced by the family.

In 2001, Pintia was created in the Toro region, further down the Duero River and enabled the Álvarez family to broaden the horizon of its wine-making project on the banks of the River Duero. Twelve years later, Mácan was the brainchild of Benjamin de Rothschild and Vega Sicilia. The union of two leading names in the world of wine is based in the La Rioja denomination of origin and augers a future full of great wines.