Teruzzi | Tuscany

Teruzzi Vineyards near San Gimignano in Tuscany

In 1974, Enrico Teruzzi, an engineer by profession and a vintner by calling, founded the winery that bears his name with the assistance of his wife Carmen, in the shadows of San Gimignano’s characteristic towers and secular history, surrounded by the captivating beauty of the Tuscan hills.

In 2016, the estate and winery were taken over by Terra Moretti, the holding owned by the Moretti family.  Teruzzi epitomises the vision of the Moretti family - a commitment to advancing estates with a strong place of origin, heritage, nobility and personality, like that of San Gimignano - a true medieval jewel, and its most precious resource - Vernaccia.

Teruzzi owns the largest expanse planted with the Vernaccia grape variety. The estate stretches over 180 hectares with 94 planted to vines, of which, 60 hectares are Vernaccia. Grouped into four large areas - Casetta, Racciano, Montegonfoli and Ponte Rondolino, in the municipality of San Gimignano, with an additional 16 hectares in Suvereto - the Teruzzi properties benefit from a variety of soils, altitudes, gradients and microclimates influenced by their close proximity to the Tyrrhenian sea.