The Artisan Drinks Co. | United Kingdom

The Artisan Drinks Co. Line-Up of 9 Mixers in Bottle

The Artisan Drinks Co. is a premium mixer company created in late 2018 by three founders who combined their different skills and passions to make a different type of mixer brand. Steve Cooper is the entrepreneur of the group, Alan Walsh is a Monaco based artist who is behind the label designs and Mikey Enright is a mixologist and owner of The Barber Shop Sydney, voted the World’s Best Gin Bar 2020.

The team at Artisan believe that the mixer category is lacking real innovation and needs a fresh approach. Mikey’s love of gin also means that he has developed all the recipes to complement craft spirits rather than drowning them in sugar or artificial flavours. Consequently, all his recipes for the Artisan Drinks Co. are all made with 100% natural ingredients and the combination of innovative flavours make them the perfect serve with a range of craft gins, rum, vodka and tequila.