The Glenrothes Distillery | Speyside, Scotland

The Glenrothes Distillery, Speyside in Scotland

The Glenrothes Distillery is located in Rothes and has been producing Speyside Single Malt Whisky since 1879. Speyside is acknowledged by connoisseurs as the source of Scotland's finest single malts and has the highest density of distilleries of any whisky region of Scotland. This is due to the unusually clement climate experienced in this area and the ample supply of soft water provided by the river Spey. The Glenrothes is sought-after by Master Blenders across the land as a 'top dresser' for their blends, contributing an extra dimension of elegance, complexity and quality.

The Glenrothes Vintage Malt is the product of one year of distillation. Unlike wine, where climate is key in determining the quality of the vintage, with Single Malts it is the quality of the wood used in the oak casks which is of greatest influence. Once a prospective Glenrothes vintage malt has been identified, its casks are systematically checked until such time as the malt is judged to be at its best for drinking; then it is bottled. Normally this ageing process is between 10 and 16 years after distillation, producing a malt characterised by a fruity, spicy nose and a heathery-honeyed palate. On rare occasions, this ageing process can be longer, producing classics with dried fruit character and real mellowness.

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