The Language of Yes | Santa Maria Valley

Randall Graham's The Language of Yes Vineyards in Central Coast, California

From Cigars (Flying) to the Rhône Ranger to Popelouchum, Randall Grahm is a legend of Californian winemaking, renowned for his trailblazing work with Rhône varieties and a long history of reimagining the traditions of France in a distinctly personal way. ‘The Language of Yes’ is his latest project, an attempt to capture the essence of Old World wines through the ‘uniqueness of the vineyards and the (mostly) sunny disposition of California’.

‘The Language of Yes’ or La Langue d’Oc, is the term that the medieval people of Southern France used to describe who they were by how they spoke. The aim is to craft wines preserving the old ways, revealing the utmost respect for the integrity of the sites form which they derive. The raising of the wine involves the lightest possible touch, allowing the natural exuberance of the vines, the grapes, the wine and the winemaker to joyously emerge, unmistakably pronouncing The Language of Yes.