Villa Sparina | Piemonte

The vineyards of Villa Sparina, Monterotondo in Piedmonte, Italy

Villa Sparina is located in Monterotondo, Piedmont, at the heart of the Gavi wine DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllate e Garantita) region. Founded by the Moccagatta family in the 1970's Villa Sparina comprises 100 hectares of land, 70 of which are vineyards planted primarily with the most important local grape variety Cortese, which makes the white wine Gavi del Comune di Gavi DOCG.

The Gavi 'Monterotondo' represents the very best of Villa Sparina and is a highly acclaimed expression made with 100% Cortese grapes grown in a vineyard that dates back to the mid 1940's. The range of wines also includes sparkling wines and the superb Barbera “Rivalta”, a single-vineyard wine obtained from nine hectares of vineyards located among the hills of Acqui Terme, in Alto Monferrato. All of Villa Sparina's wines are presented in a unique shaped bottle designed by Giacomo Bersanetti, who was inspired by an ancient bottle found during the excavation and restoration of the estate. The design is soft but compact, elegant but strong, modern but with an ancient touch at the same time.

In addition to the winery, the eighteenth century farmhouse buildings also comprise of l'Ostelliere, a charming four star hotel and La Gallina, an award winning restaurant dedicated to the local cuisine. Together they combine to form the Villa Sparina Resort, a magical place characterised by a quiet beauty, attention to detail, respect for the lost traditions and tastes of times gone by.

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