Viña Nahuel | Colchagua Valley

Bird of Prey sitting in the Viña Nahuel Vineyard

Viña Nahuel is located in Chile's Colchagua Valley and takes its name from the native Puma named by the Mapuche Indians, the country's original inhabitants. It is here that Daniel Wiederkehr found the perfect place to fulfil his winemaking dream; a six hectare jewel of a vineyard, planted with 80 year-old Cabernet Sauvignon vines. He was convinced that his old, knotty vines on this barren, loamy yet mineral-rich soil would yield superb wines. The warm, dry climate and the large day-to-night temperature differences were an ideal match. 

Daniel resolutely follows biodynamic wine growing principles, working in accordance with the lunar cycle and uses his self-produced fertiliser made of the residues of winemaking (pomace) and sheep dung. He does most of the work by hand, and all of it in harmony with nature, from the grape all the way to the wine in the glass. In Chile's largely anonymous wine market, these honest wines are real one-offs, due to their small scale, handcrafted and truly original production.

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