Viñas Queirolo Intipalka | Ica Valley

Intipalka Winery in Peru

Viñas Queirolo were founded in 1880 by Italian immigrants. The 3rd generation of the family, currently in charge, began the renewal of the winery with the help of renowned consultants Jacques Blouin and Edmundo Bordeu.

Jorge Queirolo, the 3rd generation of the family, is the head winemaker. Along with his oenology team, he aims at producing wines and spirits that reveal the personality of Peruvian terroir.

In 2000 the family acquired some land in the Ica Valley. Ica Valley is located at the feet of the Andes, 60km from the coastline and over 500m above sea level. Here, Viñas Queirolo vineyards are planted on the hillsides with deep loamy soils and stones, a natural resource of minerals.

'Intipalka' means ' Valley of the Sun' in Quechua, a language spoken during the Empire of the Incas. It refers to the valley where the wines come from, the ICA valley, recognised for its climate and exceptional soils perfect for viticulture.

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