Vinhos Rosa Santos Família | Alentejo

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Vinhos Rosa Santos is an historical family estate located in the Alentejo. For over four centuries the Rosa Santos family has been active in agriculture and the current generation have taken the initiative to advance on the famed family history of producing exceptional wines. The Explicit project came about when Jorge Rosa Santos, a surgeon, bought a weekend getaway in Alentejo with land. The name Explicit is derived from the Latin explicare, meaning I unfold, with the revelation of terroir in mind. Three of his sons are winemakers so the rest, as they say, is history. Frederico, Vasco and Jorge junior make the wines together at the family’s estate on the slopes of the Serra d’Ossa near Estremoz, which produces full-bodied reds. The white wines come from Portalegre where Frederico, now the family’s resident winemaker, once sourced fruit for a sizeable producer.