Weingut Dreissigacker | Rheinhessen

Jochen Dreissigacker Vineyards in the Rheinhessen, Germany

Jochen Dreissigacker has 45 hectares of vineyards in the Rheinhessen, 55% of which are Riesling. All of his wines are certified organic and he describes his transformation to organic viticulture as “the artisan path to purity”. From 2019, Jochen also started following biodynamic principles in order to create the optimal conditions for the grapes to thrive – an approach that he describes as “a long-term investment in nature and wines”. He reduced the yields in the vineyard by creating a much healthier soil, which in turn was lower in vigour. “The path to any truly great wine is to limit the amount of grapes that are allowed to ripen,” says Jochen.

As expected of an organic estate, his approach in the cellar is as natural as possible, using only wild yeasts to ferment the must and harvesting only fully ripe grapes. All his wines, with the exception of the Auslese, are fermented to full dryness. The felicitous position of his vineyards, low yields and Jochen’s determination to pick at optimum ripeness ensures full flavour and eliminates any need for residual sugar to balance unripe flavours.