Wine By Grape Variety | Castelāo

Wine made from the Castelāo grape variety for sale at Hic!

Castelāo is one of the most commonly-planted black grape varieties in the south of Portugal. It is especially popular in the regions Tejo, Lisboa, Península de Setúbal and Alentejo. It performs at its best in the Palmela region of the Setúbal Peninsula south of Lisbon, in old vineyards in the hot, sandy soils around Poceirão.

Castelão grapes from carefully-managed, low-yielding old vines can be made into well-structured, 'rustic' wines with plenty of tannin and acidity and fruit reminiscent of redcurrants, preserved plums and berries, sometimes with a hint of well-hung game. The best examples can age very well, sometimes resembling fine old Cabernet when mature.