Wine By Grape Variety | Koshu

Organic vines in vineyard

The Koshu grape is one of the most visually appealing grape varieties grown in the world today and its rose-colored berries have been grown in Japan for more than 1000 years. It was developed from grapes that travelled the Silk Road across Central Asia from the Caucasus to China and then to Japan. 

The distinctively Japanese Koshu grape is grown primarily in Yamanashi Prefecture, at the base of Mount Fuji, here the climatic extremes of heat and cold, long days of summer sunlight, and well-drained volcanic soils are especially suited for cultivating grapes.

Koshu wines are known for light body, strong minerality and restrained flavors of white peach and citrus. Fashionable sommeliers around the world are starting to take notice of this little-known Japanese specialty.