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Piquepoul, Picpoul or Picapoll is an ancient white wine grape variety and the grape behind Picpoul de Pinet AOP, one of the named Crus of the Côteaux du Languedoc in southern France. It produces crisp citrusy wines with subtle mineral overtones.

In addition to Picpoul Blanc there are also rare Picpoul Gris and Picpoul Noir variants. The former is now verging on extinction, while the latter remains a minor ingredient in the wines of the Côtes du Rhone and Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellations.


Luvignac Picpoul de Pinet St Clair 2021

From £11.00 - per bottle
A crisp, mineral wine from the Côtes de Thongue region of France... Read More...

Domaine Morin Langaran Picpoul de Pinet Black Label 2021

From £11.50 - per bottle
Delicate and refreshing, floral and perfectly balanced with hints of citrus and exotic fruits... Read More...