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Whether you're buying a wine gift for that special birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday, or as a simple, thank-you, we have a number of gift giving options here at Hic! to give you inspiration.

As an independent specialist, we offer a bespoke gift giving service that is designed to meet your individual requirements and ensures you present a thoughtful and personalised gift of the highest quality. However, finding that perfect wine as a gift, can be challenging and it is often not just so simple as buying a bottle with a pretty label or the highest price tag.

From how much to spend, to the recipients wine preferences, there are a few vital points to consider when finding the perfect wine gift. Should you buy a bottle, or two, or a case? Well, don't be discouraged! We are here to help. Our gift giving wine guide covers all aspects, whether your gift is for the holidays, a special anniversary, birthday, house-warming or just a simple "Thank You!"

Ask yourself: Who is this gift for?

When buying a wine gift, the first question should always be to consider the recipient(s). Are you purchasing the gift for experienced wine lovers or for a wine newbie? Are you sure that wine is the right gift to give! If you don't know the recipients tastes or preferences, perhaps try to discreetly find out what they do like. If they only drink white wine, avoid red! The more information you have to assist in the decision making process the better chance you'll have of getting that perfect gift!

Note: Whether you're buying a gift for wine aficionados or those less experienced, perhaps consider gifting them a bottle with bubbles! Sparkling wine is often associated with celebrations and gifts, so a great bottle of fizz is often a safe bet.

Wine Newbies...

If you are gifting wine to those who are just embarking on their wine experince, you may wish to consider an aromatic white wine to begin and a Sauvignon Blanc may be just the wine gift to bestow upon them.

Not only is Sauvignon Blanc a well-known and widely loved grape variety, but it is packed with expressive aromas and flavours that are easy to identify and it also offers excellent value for money. They have mouth-watering acidity, which adds another dimension to the tasting experince and for under £20 you will be able to find a fantastic example to gift.

If a white wine is not the preferred option, then another well-known red wine grape variety to consider is Pinot Noir. Similar to Sauvignon Blanc, these wines are packed with expressive flavours, such as red and black cherries and summer berries. Whilst this is not a "cheap" grape variety it is possible to find more moderately priced expressions from New Zealand, Australia, California and Chile, so you do not have to break the bank buying from Burgundy!

Wine Aficionados...

If your gift giving recipient is already well versed in vino, then perhaps it really is time to consider what you know about them as a wine lover. Do they collect wine? Are they looking to expand on an existing collection or are there any regions or styles that they prefer or are focussed on? If you are unfamiliar with their current likes (or dislikes) consider chatting with them discreetly to find out what they're presently drinking or saving for a special occasion!

If they are a fan of a specific winery (producer) consider buying them a wine from that producers current portfolio of wines that your recipient may not have tried. Or perhaps a style of wine they enjoy but from a renown producer they have not come across.

If your gift is for the wine lover who already has "every wine" perhaps a bottle is not the answer. Instead, you may wish to consider some elegant glassware from "Conterno" for example, as a way of helping them fully appreciate wines from their existing collection.


If you do not know much about the recipients wine tastes, try giving them a wine from somewhere they have holidayed recently, to bring back fond memories, or perhaps consider a wine from one of their "must-visit" destinations, to give them a taste of what to expect! Do you have any knowledge of their values? Do they buy organic foods, eat vegan, look for female-owned brands or consider sustainability important in their purchases? We have wines that link into each of these ideals and we are more than happy to recommend something to suit.

If none of this seems to fit the bill, why not consider sharing a favourite wine of yours, one meaningful to you? You could tell a story or enclose a gift message about what makes the wine so special to you and why you thought they might enjoy it.

How much do you spend?

As with any gift giving experince this is a tough question, but depends largely on the occasion and how well you know the recipient(s). Major events such as weddings, or milestone birthdays and anniversaries could possibly demand a higher price, but it is all relative. You may wish to spend more on a thank-you gift if someone has just helped you move into your new house, or looked after the dogs for a week! The key point is to gauge the situation and possible expectations of the recipient(s).

Of course if they are your nearest and dearest, close family or longtime friends, you may wish to splurge, unless you know that they prefer to drink everyday 'weekday' wines. Not everyone loves, or appreciates fine wine and, so sometimes, they will just hold off drinking them indefinitely, waiting for "the right moment" that calls for a special wine. At the end of the day, we hope they remember that it is the thought that counts, no matter the price!

Note: Consider, carefully, if buying an expensive wine for someone you do not know that well. This can be sometimes awkward, as not everyone feels comfortable receiving a pricey gift from an acquaintance.

Gift Vouchers...

Taste in wine is a very subjective thing and people’s palates vary greatly, as does their levels of knowledge and experience. So, if you are unsure on whether it's Red, White, Rosé or Fizz, then why not consider a Hic! gift card, which can be used against purchases on any of our wines and spirits. Our Gift Cards are delivered electronically by email and contain instructions on how the recipient can redeem them.

How much wine do I give?

The simple answer is, you really cannot go wrong with a single, thoughtfully chosen, high-quality bottle or two. However, sometimes, volume says more than price and so several bottles of less expensive wine (maybe a case) could mean more to someone than one expensive bottle. For example, if you are buying wine for a newbie, a mixed case of different styles, grape varieties and country of origin, could offer them a helpful introduction into the joys of wine. Or, perhaps try several wines from the same region or winery, if you know that's where your recipient is focussing their interest.

Are you buying the gift for someone who enjoys entertaining with wine, often throwing large parties? A half-case of white, alongside a half-case of red wine could be the perfect gift to help them host their next gathering!

On the other hand, if the recipient prefers hosting intimate dinners or small, wine-tasting groups with like-minded people, they might prefer a single, showpiece wine from a famous producer. A collector may better appreciate a rarity wine that adds to their cellar.

Is the gift for several people? Why not consider buying them a large-format bottle, such as a Magnum, Jeroboam or Methuselah. Here at Hic! we have a number of large format bottles that make the gift giving experience feel extra-special.

Note: Here at Hic! we offer a 5% discount on any 6+ bottles of wine, whether they are all the same wine or a mix of different wine and this applies to all wines, champagne, spirits, whiskies and fortified wines.

Avoiding Wine Gift Faux Pas

If you intend presenting your gift to the host of a party, do not expect your wine to be opened there and then. It is their gift to be enjoyed at a time of their choosing, not something for you to enjoy while you socialise. And, if they do not open your bottle, then absolutely under no circumstances should you ask to take the bottle back home with you.

To avoid any awkwardness with the host being confused with your intent, it is best to graciously say as you hand over the bottle, "This is for you to enjoy later". If you do want to bring something to drink right then, clear it with the host first and make sure it will match up with what they are serving, as they may have already carefully chosen wines to match the meal. If it is a casual cocktail party, consider taking two bottles - one as a gift for the host and one to share with guests.



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