RECENT BEANS Freshly Roasted Coffee Available at Hic!


Here at Hic! HQ we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers freshly roasted coffee to take-away (or drink in) from the team at Recent Beans in Castleford. 

Recent Beans are artisan coffee roasters based at the Queens Mill, Castleford in West Yorkshire. They believe (and we do too) that coffee is a fresh product and as such should be treated like one. Coffee beans taste good for two months after roasting but in the first two weeks a great coffee tastes magical. Some store bought beans can spend months or years on a shelf before being consumed. Not at Recent Beans and certainly not here at Hic! They only roast to order. Not the week before, not the day before, but when you order. Their coffee is roasted the morning after we place our order and delivered the same afternoon! This fantastically fresh approach to freshly roasted coffee beans is what sets us apart!

Whilst RECENT BEANS freshly roast beans from various countries around the world, we have found that their signature blend "Nose to the Grindstone" - named for the historic and beautiful flour mill they roast their beans in - is the ideal roast for our customers. Roasted medium this is a smooth, well balanced cup with a sweet acidity and chocolate aftertaste,  deep fruit notes and silky smooth mouth feel. Works perfectly with milk or served black.

Our coffee is served as a double espresso and made to your specification.

We'd love to see you sometime for a coffee or perhaps something a little stronger!

Stay Safe

Andy & Michelle

Team Hic!





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