Barossa Boy | Barossa Valley

Barossa Boy Vineyards South Australia

Trent Burge is Barossa Boy, the sixth generation of the famous Barossa winemaking clan. His family history in the region dates back to 1855, when his great-great-great grandfather John Burge immigrated to South Australia and began work as a winemaker in the Barossa valley. From backyard to vineyard and cricket pitch, Trent grew up a country boy, tearing about the local vineyards on his bike. Earning his keep as a cellar hand in the family winery, Trent was involved in all aspects of winemaking from a young age. He is now continuing the work of generations before him, while creating his own legacy as a new producer of premium red wines. Trent’s deep understanding of the land plays a key role in the style of his wine, sourcing grapes of the highest quality from specific long-term growers. Trent crafts wines to be classically Barossa in structure and flavour profile, but with a lightness of touch that is resolutely modern.