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Distillery Romano Levi

The iconic Distillery Romano Levi is to be found in the town of Neive located in the Italian region of Piedmont. The direct-fire distillery was founded in 1925 by Serafino Levi who had settled in the region with his wife and two children, Romano and Lidia. After both his parents passed away, Romano, aged just 17, took over the running of the distillery with the assistance of his sister Lidia.

Using the same equipment  and handcrafted production process, Romano became a legend in the Italian distillery world and one of the most famous "grappaiolo" not only for his outstanding grappa but also for his hand drawn labels which adorned his bottles. Lidia Levi, Romano's sister, passionately dedicated her life to growing and mixing aromatic herbs and flowers to enrich her brothers grappa.

Today the distillery is owned by Luigi Schiappapietra, a close friend of the late Romano Levi, and Lucio Scaratti. The distillery still uses the direct-fire still installed in the 1920s and in addition to the limited production of Grappa it also acts as a living museum, teaching visitors about Grappa production at the turn of the 20th century.

The traditional production process and lengthy ageing result in 'historic' grappa with a peerless, intense taste.