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Romano Levi Grappa di Barolo - 70cl | 42% ABV

The Romano Levi Distillery, located in Neive, in the heart of the Langhe territory is a museum in perfect working order. It produces small quantities of a unique grappa thanks to the last open-fire alembic still existing in Italy. The traditional distillation process and the lengthy ageing produce an "historic" grappa with a peerless, intense taste. The Romano Levi Grappa di Barolo is made from selected marc of Nebbiolo grapes used to produce Barolo DOCG. Aged for a minimum of four years in casks made of acacia wood it displays intense aromas of tobacco at first and then chocolate later. To taste it is dry, well balanced with long lasting notes of liquorice and final intense taste of wood and spices.

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Romano Levi
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The Producer Distillery Romano Levi | Langhe

Distillery Romano Levi

The iconic Distillery Romano Levi is to be found in the town of Neive located in the Italian region of Piedmont. The direct-fire distillery was founded in 1925 by Serafino Levi who had settled in the region with his wife and two children, Romano and...

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The Region Italy | Piedmont

Piedmont (Piemonte) is regarded as one of Italy's most important wine regions and is considered to be among one of the finest in the world.  Located in the north-west of the country, with a continental climate, Piedmont is influenced culturally and climatically by the surrounding Alps and...

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The Primary Grape Wine By Grape Variety | Nebbiolo

Organic Vineyard with crop cover

Nebbiolo is a red wine grape famous for the production of Barolo and Barbaresco wines in the Piemonte wine region of Italy. A difficult grape to cultivate it requires sheltered south-facing sites and performs best to the north and south of Alba in...

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