Ēkhô | Naxos

ēkhô wines ancient vines on the Greek island of Naxos

Ēkhô is the brainchild of winemaker Lefteris Anagnostou, who has made his name on the Greek Island of Santorini, putting the very highly regarded Artemis Karamolegos winery on the map. He is a consultant winemaker for many wineries in Santorini, Crete and on the Greek mainland.

Ēkho wines is Lefteris’s first own project and deals with old vines from areas of historical significance and 2021 is his first vintage. He sources grapes from nearby vineyards with contracted growers using select single plots For the time being vinification takes place away from the island. The idea of the project is based on the intent of re-approaching wine regions of historical significance in Greece and restating their expression through the vinification of particular plots. These areas have strong bonds with vine-growing and winemaking, lost over the centuries and in most cases, produced wines that were renowned in ancient times. Heroic viticulture is the key element of the selected, mostly isolated plots that are difficult to approach and cultivate, producing rare and low-yielding fruit.

Lefteris’ intention is to highlight the depth of Greek wines and its multiple characters, trying to showcase untold stories and rephrasing lost voices. Naxos is said to be the birth place of the Greek god of wine, Dionysus. The island is a relatively newly re-discovered part of the Greek viticultural landscape but fast becoming very popular, due to its historically-significant old vineyards.