Grappa Poli Distillerie | Veneto

The Ponte Vecchio in Bassano del Grappa

Poli Distillerie is an artisan Grappa distillery solely owned by the Poli family, founded in 1898 in Schiavon, near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of Veneto, Italy. The distillery is currently run by Jacopo Poli together with his siblings Giampaolo, Barbara and Andrea. Poli Grappa began as the hobby of one GioBatta Poli, a straw hat maker; however, the family have slowly distilled their passion into a successful business, and now belong in the very top ranks of grappa houses, mixing artisan production values with award-winning packaging for doubly distinctive products.

Grappa Jacopo Poli is the heart of the range, offering a variety of single-harvest styles. Amorosa di Settembre, from the marc of Vespaiola grapes, offers delicate floral aromas, while Amorosa di Dicembre is distilled from dessert wine marc, giving more dried fruit character. The rare Orange Blossom Moscato is distilled and bottled unaged to preserve its distinctive grapey, citrussy perfume. Arzente derives its smoky character principally from a decade in barrel, as does Poli Barrique, produced from local red grape varieties, gaining lots of toasted and coffee aromas from thirteen years in wood.

In addition to the range of award winning and stylish Grappa, Poli also carft a range of Vermouths, Liqueurs and Gin.

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