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La Rioja Alta S.A Vineyards in Spain

La Rioja Alta S.A. is widely recognised to be one of the finest wineries in the Rioja region. The estate has a history dating back over 100 years with the accumulated experience and knowledge being passed down through the generations and translated into the wines of the estate. The heartlands of La Rioja Alta are in the finest sites of the Rioja Alta region, with a further four wineries located in Spain's most renown DOs. The Haro Estate of La Rioja Alta produces three Reservas and two Gran Reservas, as well as the unique Marques de Haro wine that is the passion of the winemaker, Julio Sáenz.

The Estate’s most celebrated Gran Reserva is the 890, which is named after the founding date of the winery, and the 904 marks the date when the Ardanza winery was merged with La Rioja Alta in 1904. A company steeped in history, three of the company’s wines are named after members of the founding families - Alberdi, Ardanza and Arana.

The most renowned is Viña Ardanza, a wine which is oak-aged long enough - the Tempranillo for 36 months, the Garnacha for 30 - to qualify as a Rioja Gran Reserva but for La Rioja Alta standards it only qualifies as a Reserva (apart from in exceptional vintages such as 2001, when it becomes Especial).

La Rioja Alta S.A. has expanded beyond the Rioja region and acquired wineries in other parts of Spain. In Rías Baixas, on the Galician coast, it owns Lagar de Cervera where it produces a fragrant Albariño. It also owns Torre d’Oña in Rioja and Aster in Ribera del Duero.