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Lustau | Jerez

Emilio Lustau was founded in 1896 and during this time they have always placed absolute quality ahead of volume considerations and thus stand apart from the bland mainstream sherries the large brands promote today. Lustau produce a full range of styles, from clean, pure bone-dry Finos through to the resplendent and unctuous PX.

Lustau pioneered the concept of Almacenista bottlings, choosing specific lots from the warehouses of small independent Sherry maturers and bottling them separately. The key to the quality of sherry is less where and how the vines are grown but rather where and how the sherries are matured. These Almacenista bottlings offer fabulous quality.


Lustau Fino del Puerto Sherry

Pale straw in colour the Fino del Puerto is very dry, fresh, light & smooth... Read More...

Lustau Deluxe Cream Capataz Andrés Solera Familiar Sherry

Fresh and silky with wonderful balanced acidity...

Lustau East India Solera Rich Cream Sherry

A rich cream sherry of iconic status...

Lustau Los Arcos Dry Amontillado Sherry

Serve slightly chilled as an aperitif or perfect accompanying soups, asparagus & risottos... Read More...

Lustau Pedro Ximénez San Emilio Solera Familiar Sherry

Enormously sweet, velvety and soft on the palate...

Lustau Palo Cortado Península Solera Familiar Sherry

An exceptional sherry that brings together the finesse of Amontilado with the richness of an Oloroso... Read More...

Lustau Moscatel Emilín Solera Familiar

Smooth and rich on the palate this Moscatel is reminiscent of dried fruits and spices... Read More...