Passopisciaro | Sicily

Passopisciaro View of Smoking Mount Etna

Passopisciaro is sited 1,000 metres above sea level on the northern slopes of Mount Etna, Sicily, a volcano from which a steady plume of smoke is a constant reminder that it is very much alive! The high altitude, exposure, and temperature variation between day and night, all play an important role in a unique terroir which produces wines of enormous character.

Andrea Franchetti forged his name when he created from scratch, Tenuta di Trinoro, in the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany. Having established himself in what he himself describes as a 'God-forsaken place' Franchetti embarked on his new project in Sicily.

Andrea elected to clear and restore some long-abandoned terraces of ancient vines; the fact that these were situated on a live volcano simply provided extra excitement. The challenges facing Andrea were considerable: derelict cellars, a blackened landscape and the restoration and replanting of a vineyard set on inhospitable lava dust.

However, this is the context in which Passopisciaro was born and the geographical landscape contributes a very particular mineral, slightly smoky character to the finished wines.

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