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Roger Goulart was founded in 1882 by the Canal family and is located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires in the Alt Penedès D.O. Cava region in Catalonia. Producing only Cava, Roger Goulart was one of the first wineries to produce traditional method sparkling wines in the region.

Cava production is housed in a majestic Art Nouveau building, that represents one of the most unique buildings in the Alt Penedès. Bottle fermentation takes place in a series of underground cellars or 'caves' which lay upto 30m below ground. These provide the natural and constant conditions that are ideal for fermentation and bottle ageing.

At Roger Goulart, the Gran Reservas are aged for 60 months, far longer than the legal minimum of 30 months. They therefore benefit from longer contact and interaction of the yeast with the wine, which gives the final sparkling wine more complexity and character. The wines rest in the underground caves and are only disgorged to order, which ensures these sparkling wines are fresh and perfect for ageing.