Tbilvino | Kakheti, Georgia

The Tbilvino winery located in Kakheti, Georgia

Tbilvino has been a leading producer of high-quality Georgian wines since its establishment in 1962. The company operates two wineries both equipped with modern equipment which allows Tbilvino to produce 6.5 million bottles annually. The main Tbilvino winery rests in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region, famous for its history of wine production and rich climate for winemaking. The winery overlooks the fertile Alazani River Valley while a second winery is in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi.

In the last two decades, following Georgia’s hard-won independence, Tbilvino has been transformed into one of the most dynamic, open-minded, large producers of Georgian wine. A team of experienced winemakers, indigenous Georgian grape varieties, a mix of modern and traditional fermentation methods allows Tbilvino to be unique in the creation of a wide range of wine styles.

Tbilvino have, like many other large producers, adopted the use of qvevri with enthusiasm. Their ‘Qvevris’ Amber wine is a gentle but authentic introduction to this specialist style.

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