Wine By Grape Variety | Carricante

Organic vines in vineyard with grass and crop cover

Carricante is a white wine grape variety found on the island of Sicily and is thought to have been growing on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna for at least a thousand years. The variety is known for its marked acidity, and the high yields which gave rise to its name (carica means "load" in Italian). The best examples of this white wine come from vines grown in volcanic soils, at high altitude (Etna's vineyards stretch up as high as 3940ft /1200m).

Carricante wines offer a broad range of refreshing citrus aromas – anything from lemon and lime to grapefruit to orange, alongside cooling herbal notes such as mint and aniseed. An underlying mineral, slatey character is also to be found in the finest examples. When aged in stainless steel and without lees contact, notes of tart green apple shine through – a searing reminder of the variety's naturally high acidity. Weightier Carricante wines (particularly later-harvested examples) are complemented by honeyed hints and the creamy texture that results from lees contact.