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IDDA Etna Bianco 2019

IDDA Etna Bianco, from the newly formed alliance between the Gaja and Graci families, is a white wine made from the local Carricante grape. With IDDA, Gaja and Graci have taken the unusual path to focus primarily on the Carricante grape and to rediscover the southwestern slope of Mount Etna, often referred to as her unconventional side. While the most developed and valued variety on Etna is Nerello Mascalese, covering 80% of the vineyards, IDDA intend to focus mainly on Carricante and they believe in the bright future of Etna white wines and on Carricante’s potential to develop great complexity and ageing potential. The IDDA Etna Bianco has a pure and graceful minerality with notes of citrus fruits and aromatic herbs, such as grapefruit and thyme, combined with refreshing aromas of mint and jasmine and similar precursor aromas to those of Riesling and Chenin Blanc. Fresh and vibrant on the palate IDDA Bianco is characterised by a pleasant combined sweetness, vibrant acidity and a distinct saline finish. The label on the bottle is evocative of multiple aspects such as the colour of the sea, the tridimensional altitude of the mountain and the terraces of the vineyards. The spiral is an ancient symbol that for IDDA captures cyclic continuity, expansion and development. It is one of the most common geometric figures present in nature. In the universe everything seems moving in spiral: from cosmic development, human DNA and fingerprints, to shells, the flight of birds and the vortex of water. It is also a feminine symbol, related to fertility, the generative strength of the universe and the mystery of life.

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White Wine
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Natural Cork
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The Producer IDDA | Sicily

Mount Etna in Sicily home to Gaja & Graci's IDDA Project

IDDA is a joint venture involving the Gaja and Graci families, an adventure that began in 2016 on the highest active volcano in Europe. Angelo Gaja had long been intrigued with Etna since his friend, the oenologist Giacomo...

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Mount Etna on the Island of Sicily

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