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Cognac Tesseron Extreme Rare

The Cognac Tesseron Extreme Rare is a unique blend of Cognacs coming from ten demijohns dated from 1853-1906. Consequently, all of the Cognacs in the blend are more than 100 years old and almost all of the blend comes from the 19th century - making it considerably older (and finer) than other prestige cuvées like Louis XIII or Richard Hennessy. Unbelievably velvety and supple on the palate, the Extreme's exceptional mellowness is matched only by its infinite depth and "rancio" complexity, the result of some 70-80 years ageing in oak casks and then decades more in glass demijohns. It floats across the palate and opens up in waves of countless secondary aromas, which grow in the mouth, and then end in a soft, exceptionally long and fresh finish. Produced in tiny quantities, the bottle, a 1.75 litre demijohn, is a smaller replica of those from which it was sourced. This is quite an extraordinary and unique Cognac.


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The Producer Tesseron | Cognac

Cognac Tesseron Vineyards

Founded in 1905, Tesseron Cognac remains family-owned and is run today by third-generation family member Alfred Tesseron - who also owns the prestigious 5ème Cru Château Pontet-Canet - with his daughter Justine and son Noé. Sourced entirely from the domaines own vineyards in the Grande and...

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The Region Cognac

Cognac in France

The famous Cognac region of France lies just north of the vineyards of Bordeaux. Its vineyard area is divided into six growing areas, with the most notable and famous of these being Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne – although...

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