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Frassinelli Prosecco Rosé Millesimato 2020

The first official Prosecco DOC Rosé was finally approved by the Consorzio Tutela del Prosecco in 2021. Made from both Glera and Pinot Noir grapes, the yield is restricted to 18 tons per hectare for Glera and 13.5 tons per hectare for the Pinot Noir. They are “Millesimato” (or vintage) dated and at least 85% of the grapes must come from the specified year. The Frassinelli Prosecco Rosé displays a fine and elegant bouquet with fruity and floral notes typical of the Pinot Noir and Glera grapes. The palate is fresh and flavoursome with excellent length.

Wine File
Sub Region:
Sparkling Wine
Primary Grape(s):
Pinot Noir , Glera
Bottle Size:
Natural Cork
Contains Sulphites:
Units Per Bottle:

The Producer Frassinelli | Prosecco

Frassinelli Vineyards in Prosecco

Founded in 1966 by Aldo Frassinelli, the Azienda Agricola Frassinelli Estate consists of 13 hectares and is presently run by his children Roberta, who is in charge of sales, marketing and exports, and Gianluca, who makes the wine. 

Frassinelli's vines range in age from...

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