Wine By Grape Variety | Cabernet Franc

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The Cabernet Franc grape is a black-skinned grape variety from France that is popular in Bordeaux, where it is renowned for its inclusion in some of the best red Bordeaux blends. It is particularly popular in the Libournais on the ‘Right-Bank’ of the Dordogne where it thrives at prestigious chateaux like Cheval Blanc and Ausone.

Away from Bordeaux the Cabernet Franc grape thrives in the cool, inland climate of the Loire Valley, particularly the towns of Chinon, Bourgueil and Saumur-Champigny where the wines are prized for their ripe berry and spice elements.

Outside of France the Cabernet Franc grape variety is grown in Italy, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the America’s. In Canada, ice-wine, is made from Cabernet Franc.

As a dry red wine Cabernet Franc tends to produce a slightly earthy style of red wine that is very aromatic and displays vegetal characters notably green bell pepper.

Synonyms: Bouchet