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R.L. Seale & Co. Ltd | Barbados

The front facade of R.L. Seale & Co. Ltd Distillery in Barbados

Established in 1926 by Reginald Leon Seale, R.L. Seale & Co. Ltd. is the original trading company and parent organisation for the Foursquare Rum Distillery. Embracing the Barbados tradition of fine aged and blended rums it is currently under operation by Master Distiller Richard Seale, Reginald’s great grandson and the fourth generation in the family rum business and renown for producing perfect rum with great flavour.

Foursquare’s Rums have garnered the title of “Rum Producer of the Year” for 5 consecutive years, along with a significant amount of Rum trophies, gold medals, and accolades from both the International Spirits Challenge and the International Wine & Spirits Competition - two of the most respected competitions.

The Foursquare Distillery occupies the site of a former sugar factory that dates back to 1636 and, as one of the most modern and efficient rum distilleries in the world, is designed to be both highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The distillery produces light rums in a three column vacuum still and heavier rums in a modern pot still. The company's major domestic brand is E.S.A. Fields, the island's number one selling white rum and, for export, the Martin Doorly range.

Rum has been produced on the island of Barbados for more than 300 years, but it was not until the 1906 Rum Duty Act was passed that the industry began to develop as we know it today. Prior to this, distillation took place on many of the plantations, but the new law meant the distilleries had to obtain a licence and could sell only in bulk. Hence many of the Bridgetown trading companies became bottlers, including Martin Doorly & Co, and the growth of branded names began. Martin Doorly evolved into Doorly's Macaw Rum, and became the first bottled rum exported from the island. Doorly's rums are still famous throughout the world.


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