Domaine de Beaurenard | Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Grape harvest at Domaine de Beaurenard in the Rhône Valley

Domaine de Beaurenard has been a family-run estate for seven generations. Currently overseen by brothers Frédéric and Daniel Coulon, Domaine de Beaurenard produces certified organic and biodynamic wines from more than 150 acres of celebrated Rhône terroir. Adopting this approach to viticulture, the vines are thus attuned to nature, lunar and planetary cycles and the rhythms of the cosmos. At key moments in the vines life-cycle, they apply biodynamic preparations that strengthen the vines’s natural defences. To further fortify them, plant-tea sprays (nettle, horsetail and camomile) are regularly dispensed. In the vineyards, these methods involve working the soil without herbicides, spreading manure, and maintaining sensible grass cover.

Daniel’s sons Victor and Antonin represent the next generation of a winemaking family uniquely dedicated to producing the most essential expressions of this historic region, long sought-after by discerning collectors and enthusiasts around the globe.

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