Spain | The Mediterranean Coast

Spain’s Mediterranean Coast wine region spans the eastern coast of Spain from its northern border with France to the border with Andalucía in the south. Within this vast expanse a wide variety of wines are produced, from crisp, fragrant sparkling Cava wines and dry whites to dense and earthy wines made from Garnacha, Cariñena, Monastrell, and more.

Here the warmth of the coast can be mitigated by high altitudes, whether in Cataluña or in Valencia. Throughout most of this region world-class wines are being produced in areas such as Priorat and Monsanto as well as in established areas such as Penedés.

In Cataluña, which occupies a triangle-shaped area south of the border with France in Spain’s northeast, elevation as well as proximity and exposure to the sea are crucial to the styles of wine produced. The vineyards of the area may be fairly moderate and coastal, as in Alella DO, or remote and mountainous, as in Priorat DOC/DOCa

South of Cataluña along a long stretch of Spain’s east coast, the land heats up, and as summer temperatures rise, the opportunity to make light wines is baked away. Instead, from northwest of the city of Valencia, south to the Cap de la Nau pointing past Ibiza towards Sicily and all the way to Murcia, the area’s vineyards are wholly dependent upon water. Where water is available for viticulture, many good wines are made, and hardy vines, especially old vines with deep roots that find enough moisture in the soil, survive where water is scarce.