Tenuta San Guido | Bolgheri

Cantina Sassicaia, Bolgheri in Italy

Tenuta San Guido and Sassicaia is the realisation of a dream held by the Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta dating back to his student days in Pisa in the 1920's. He dreamed of creating a "noble" wine and like most of the Italian aristocracy at the time, his taste in wine ran strongly to fine Bordeaux.

After settling with his wife, Clarice, into their Tuscan estate at Tenuta San Guido on the Mediterranean Coast, the first vineyard was planted in the early 1940s with some French grafts of Cabernet Sauvignon purchased from Chateau Lafite. The Marquis’ use of Cabernet grapes and his implementation of the barriques aging process soon spread throughout Italy.

Sassicaia was the first Italian wine to successfully establish itself abroad, and is almost universally recognized as the father of the new Italian wine family or simply the Super Tuscan Pioneer. Mario Incisa della Rocchetta’s planting is now considered the birthplace of Italian Cabernet. Today the estate is in the hands of The Marchese Nicolo Incisa Della Rocchetta.

Alongside the iconic Sassicaia is 'Guidalberto' the second wine of the estate and then the most recent addition to the stable is the delicious 'Le Difese'.

Unlike some producers courting awards and plaudits the ethos here is to make superlative wine that displays the character of the vintage from the best terroir and the best grapes. There is no striving for homogeneity and no concession to popularity. The wines all display an inherent elegance and understated power that is completely compelling.