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Viña Echeverría | Curico Valley

Viña Echeverria Harvest Time in Vineyards

Viña Echeverría is a family-owned estate winery, owned and managed by the Echeverría family. Established in 1930, but with an agricultural heritage going back to the 1700s, Viña Echeverría is driven by a shared passion for winemaking and an uncompromising search for excellence.

A new state-of-the-art winery built in the early 1990's meant Echeverria were one of the few boutique wineries to emerge from Chile and sell quality wines for export; they were the first family winery from Chile to sell wine to Harrods in London.

Viña Echeverría combines nearly a century of viticulture and winemaking experience to produce an award winning range of wines to suit almost every palate.




Viña Echeverría Pinot Noir Rosé Reserva 2020

From £10.50 - per bottle
A fruity and quaffable rosé with flavours of red apple and strawberry fruit... Read More...

Viña Echeverría Unwooded Chardonnay Reserva 2020

From £10.50 - per bottle
A creamy but unoaked Chardonnay, with fresh pear and sweetcorn flavours and a soft finish... Read More...

Viña Echeverría No es Pituko Viognier 2021

From £12.50 - per bottle
Vibrant tropical fruit aromas layered with buttery ginger notes, balanced by a refreshing finish... Read More...

Viña Echeverría No es Pituko Chardonnay 2020

From £12.50 - per bottle
A full bodied, rich and creamy natural Chardonnay...

Viña Echeverría Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2019

From £12.75 - per bottle
A smooth, silky and savoury Cabernet Sauvignon from the Echeverría family... Read More...

Viña Echeverría Chardonnay Gran Reserva 2021

From £12.75 - per bottle
Toasty oak and brioche integrated with tropical and spicy fruits with a creamy finish... Read More...

Viña Echeverría Syrah Gran Reserva 2018

From £12.75 - per bottle
A bold and intense Syrah, rich with just a hint of mint and black olive... Read More...

Viña Echeverría Pinot Noir Gran Reserva 2020

From £12.75 - per bottle
A rich and elegant Pinot that combines aromas of cooked strawberries with hints of chocolate... Read More...

Viña Echeverría Founder's Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

From £26.75 - per bottle
Opulent blackcurrant fruit with notes of mint and herbs & juicy, fleshy flavours... Read More...