Wine By Grape Variety | Trebbiano

Organic vines in vineyard

Trebbiano is a prolific group of several unrelated grape varieties, all of which are white. The only related ones are: Trebbiano Abruzzese with Trebbiano Spoletino and Trebbiano di Lugana with Trebbiano di Soave (which are really Verdicchio). The primary Trebbiano grape varieties are: Trebbiano Abruzzese - The highest-quality Trebbiano (apart from the ones that are actually Verdicchio). These wines have high acidity with aromas and flavours of white flowers, peach and citrus. 

Trebbiano Toscano: This is the most widely planted type of Trebbiano. It is also known as Ugni Blanc, the grape of Cognac in France. High in acidity it is arelatively neutral grape but can be delicately herbal and lemony.

The wines' of Trebbiano have received some poor press over the years being responsible perhaps for too many dull Italian whites (and red blends!). However, there is a new wave of winemakers clearing away the poorer clones and practices in favour of something far more respectable.