Italy | Lombardia

Varenna, Lake Como in the Lombardia Wine Region of Italy

The Lombardia (Lombardy) wine region of Italy is to be found Northeast of Piedmont and stretches from the flat plains of the Po Valley north to the snow-clad Alpine peaks and the Swiss border. Its capital and largest city is Milan (Milano), the country’s second most populous city and one of the wealthiest. Tourists know Lombardia for Milan itself, La Scala, and the stunning Lake Como; however, in wine terms Lombardia is probably best known for the classic-method sparkling wines of Franciacorta.

West of Soave, on the southernmost shores of Lake Garda, Trebbiano di Lugana produces a distinctive dry white wine called Lugana. Although almost entirely in Lombardia and therefore geographically in the northwest of Italy, Lugana belongs stylistically with the Veronese wines from the northeast.