Masi Tupungato | Mendoza

Masi Tupungato Vineyards in Mendoza's Uco Valley

One of the most original winemaking projects of recent years, Masi Tupungato is the name of Masi’s winemaking project in the Mendoza region of Argentina, located in the Tupungato valley at the foot of the eponymous volcano. A fusion of Venetian technique and Argentine terroir it is here that Masi has found the perfect climatic and cultural conditions to undertake the techniques used in the Venetian regions of Italy, particularly Appassimento, in which Masi has undoubted expertise.

Corbec, Passo Doble and Passo Blanco are the eclectic and cosmopolitan wines produced at the Masi Tupungato estate and are each made using the "appassimento" technique, which means leaving the grapes to dry out for the winter months, thus concentrating aromas and perfumes. In addition, after years of organic cultivation, theses wines are now bottled with the official organic trademark.

"Argentinean Nature, Venetian Style” is the perfect phrase that sums up the philosophy of this unique project.

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