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Masi Tupungato Corbec Appassimento 2017

For those who enjoy the Amarone style wines of north-east Italy then the Masi Tupungato Corbec is a must try wine. A blend of Corvina and Malbec grapes this is a modern, innovative wine made in the Masi Tupungato La Arboleda estate in Argentina, using Masi’s expertise in the appassimento method. The elegance of the Corvina grape, with its tastes of super-ripe cherries and velvety texture, is combined with the exuberant virility and tannins of the Malbec grape to produce an outstanding taste and aroma profile. The Corbec is an impenetrable dark red in colour displaying an intense bouquet of fruits-of-the-forest and conserves, with hints of mint and cinnamon. The palate is smooth and full bodied with flavours of plums and cooked cherries leading to a long, bitter cocoa finish.

Wine File
Masi Tupungato
Sub Region:
Uco Valley
Red Wine
Primary Grape(s):
Corvina , Malbec
Natural Cork
Contains Sulphites:
Units Per Bottle:

The Producer Masi Tupungato | Mendoza

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One of the most original winemaking projects of recent years, Masi Tupungato is the name of Masi’s winemaking project in the Mendoza region of Argentina, located in the Tupungato valley at the foot of the eponymous volcano. A fusion of Venetian...

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Hobbs
Massive Masi wine.

I recently received 6 bottles of Masi Tupungato Corbec. It was not what I was expecting but is still a delight. I was expecting a more fruity wine but to my palate
this is more smokey and spicy which is also great. It is a lovely chewy robust wine that goes really well with strong cheese and roast meats. I was impressed with the packing and the personalised card enclosed. The only downside was it took two weeks to get from the UK to Ireland, (blame Brexit and Covid.) However it did arrive in time for Christmas. I am delighted with the overall service from HIC and look forward to a repeat order in due course.